Pearl Harbor

By: Payten Johnson

The day of attack

  • The attack on Pearl Harbor occurred on December 7, 1941.The Japanese attacked the United States without warning.The attack lasted 110 minutes, from 7:55 a.m. until 9:45 a.m. many lives were lost on this day, also this is a day that no one is going to forget, for it is what caused the U.S to enter World War 2.
  • When and Where

    Sunday, Dec. 7th 1941 at 7:45-9:45pm

    Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, United States


    Why the Japinenes attacked Pearl Harbor

  • The Japanese specifically chose to attack on a Sunday because they believed Americans would be more relaxed and thus less alert on a weekend.The Japanese attack force stationed itself approximately 230 miles north of the Hawaiian island of Oahu. The Japanese launched their airplanes in two waves, approximately 45 minutes apart. The first wave of Japanese planes struck Pearl Harbor at 7:55 a.m. The second wave reached Pearl Harbor around 8:40 a.m.
  • The end of the Pearl Harbor attack

    On 8 December, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt addressed the Congress to ask for a declaration of war against Japan. Referring to December Seventh, 1941, as a "day that shall live in infamy", he gave the Pearl Harbor attack its most famous and enduring title.