Current, Voltage, Resistance,

by emmanuel lauzandier

what is current

this continuous flow of electrons is called the current .

example of current: Examples of current electricity are starting a car, turning on a light, cooking on an electric stove, watching TV, shaving with an electric razor, playing video games, using a phone, charging a cell phone and more.

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what is voltage Voltage

voltage is the potential difference in electrical charge between two different areas in a circuit.

voltage is the force that pushes the current along through the circuit.

example of voltage: A good example of a voltage source, and the most commonly used, is a battery.

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what is resistance

resistance-the difficulty an electric current faces to pass through an object.

example of resistance: An example of resistance is wind against the wings of a plane.

what is power

power is the rate at which work is done.

power has nothing to do with how much work is done but just how quickly it is done.

power is how quickly work is done over a period of time.

example of power: An example of power is to start up an engine.

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