Southern Colonies

By Cameron and Griffin


The southern colonies are located in Georgia,Maryland,South and North Carolina, and Virginia. Fort Mose is a place were African Americans can live freely. Jamestown fort is located on Jamestown island so other settlers can live there. Williamsburg is settled so you can live there. Also England,Spain, and France have claimed all of the land south of South Carolina so some of the setters could live in that area.


People in the southern colonies farm wheat,barley,corn,rice,apples,indigo,maize,cotton, and tobacco. You can hunt turkey,dear,rabbit,clams,and fish for food. Kids in the Southern Colonies are taught at home by their parents or tutors. You will have to plow your crops either by hand or with livestock. Their are hot summers and mild winter here in the southern colonies.


If you were to come to the southern colonies you would make a huge profit off of tobacco. You will probably have slaves do you work. You will also make a profit from selling slaves. Plantations will make most of your food. You will probably get new goods by trading.

Fun Facts

The southern colony is the only colony with slaves. John Smith was the founder of Jamestown. Their were more 2,000 fields in the southern colonies. Most of the religion is Baptist and Anglicans in the southern colonies.