Hoffmann Farm

Franklin's own dairy farm

About the Farm:

  • Nick Hoffmann began farming (dairy, goats, and vegetables) in New Braintree, MA
  • In 2012, Nick and his wife, Jeannine, began farming in Franklin on her family's land
  • The farm currently includes over 100 acres of land (in Franklin and Norfolk), most of which is used for hay
  • Farm started as a vegetable farm, but has evolved into primarily a dairy farm providing raw milk
  • Products are sold daily at the farm stand at the farm
  • The Hoffmann's raise ten dairy cows with an emphasis on their care and a high quality grass-fed diet for better quality milk
  • Licensed by the state and inspected by Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources every 3 weeks


Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation

Northeast Organic Farming Association

Franklin Agricultural Commission


Raw Milk





What is Raw Milk?

  • Raw milk is milk that comes straight from a cow and doesn't go through any additional processing or pasteurization.
  • Pasteurization is the process of heating and cooling milk to kill potentially harmful bacteria.
  • Safe, high-quality milk is the result of healthy animals that are fed high-quality feed and are milked in clean and well-ventilated parlors.
  • It is important that milking equipment is cleaned and sanitized and milk is stored at temperatures less than 40°F.
  • Small dairy farmers are able to ensure good hygiene and processing practices.
  • Raw milk can be purchased locally and goes straight from the cow to the consumer.

For more information about raw and pasteurized milk:


Ways to Use Raw Milk:

  1. Drink it
  2. Freeze it
  3. Use leftover milk mixed with water to water your garden
  4. Make homemade dairy products:

  • Butter

  • Cheese

  • Sour cream

  • Yogurt

  • Ice cream


Here is a link with lots of great recipes!


Milk is Naturally Nutrient Dense!

8 Ounce Glass of Milk

Calcium: 300 mg, top source of Calcium in Americans' diets, important for bone health

Niacin: Helps convert food into energy

Phosphorus: Helps Vitamin D and Calcium maintain bone health

Potassium: As much as a small banana, a nutrient often missing in Americans' diets, helps regulate fluid balance and blood pressure

Protein: 8 grams of high quality protein, helps build lean muscle

Riboflavin: Helps convert food into energy

Vitamin A: Helps maintain immune health

Vitamin B12: 20% of your daily recommended amount, helps build red blood cells and maintain the central nervous system

Vitamin C: Trace amounts that don't survive pasteurization, important for immune health

Vitamin D: Helps Calcium maintain strong teeth and bones

Want to Support Raw Milk Farmers?

  • There are limited dairy farms in Eastern Massachusetts that provide raw milk (many consumers have to drive far to purchase raw milk)
  • Currently raw milk can be sold, but can not be delivered in the state of Massachusetts
  • Upcoming Legislation to Support the Distribution of Raw Milk in Massachusetts

House Bill 2938: An Act Promoting Agriculture in the Commonwealth


Senate Bill 442: An Act Promoting Agriculture in the Commonwealth


  • Contact your legislators if you want to encourage them to support the raw milk distribution section of the agriculture bill



Farm stand open daily from 10 am until 6 pm.

A Little About Me:

This newsletter is part of my summer practicum project to complete my Master's in Public Health Nutrition from UMass Amherst. I am community member and a volunteer with the Franklin Agricultural Commission. I am passionate about eating fresh and local foods and I am excited to share information about our local farms and Agricultural Commission with you all summer.


Jennifer Nicholls

BS Nutrition

MS Emergency Management

MPH Nutrition (Pending)

August 2018

Vol 8