Zimmerman Note

By: Maddie & Charles

Sending the Note

Russia knew the attacking of American ships would eventually bring them into the war, so they decided to come up with a plan that would temporarily stop the U.S. Russia's plan was to send a telegraph asking Mexico to attack the U.S. In exchange for some territory. If executed correctly this would give Russia enough time to finish their attacks. However, their plan quickly backfired.
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Interception of the Telegraph

Many people thought the contents of the telegraph was just a forgery and hoax meant to scare the U.S. The contents of the Telegraph were announced to be true on March 3rd and March 29th. The contents of the letter described plans for Mexico to attack the U.S. but the strong relations between the neighboring countries proved to be Russia's failure.
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Effect of Sending the Note

After decodeing the telegraph America became enraged. Sadly for Russia, on April 14th 1914 Mexico gave an official response declining Russia's offer. They stated that they had just gotten out of their own war and also wished to establish better relations with neighboring countries.
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Overall Outcome of the Telegraph

Many say the interception of the telegraph from Russia brought the U.S. into the war. It did highly enrage the U.S. but we did not enter the war for another year. It is most likely that this along with other actions executed by Russia led to the U.S. joining the war.
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Zimmermann Telegram