Goldfields: Woman & Children

By joshua


In the early days of the goldfields there were approximately 10 women and about 6 hundred men. .Most woman stayed at home with their children and waited for their husband to come back. There were about 46,550 men, 10,747 women and 11,590 children in the 1953.
Children moved school frequently because their parents moved locations in search of gold. Moving to new locations also meant that schools were not established. Children had to wait for an education because most parents could not educate their own children when they had no education of their own. Many children did not speak english and could not read or write.

Roles and Responsibilities of Women

Some women dug on the goldfields with the men.

Women and children's health

Health on the goldfields was horrible. Children drank dirty water and got ill by dioherrea. Children were very dirty and had to wash in dirty water so they got bad germs.