Why Boys And Girls Are Different

Why Are Girls Different Than Boys?

Girls are different than boys because girls are built to go to school and boys are not. Boys brains are more not that smart than girls, and girls have more smarter brains than boys.


Boys have different personalities than girls do. Boys can be a total boy boy or some can be sort of girl girls. The most I've seen is boy boys because that's how boys are. Boys have slang language, for example like wazz up, sup, and more....


Girls have different personalities than boys do. Girls can be the total opposite of boys or they can be the same. The most I've seen is girly girls because that's what girls are. Girls do not have slang language they have perfect and percise.

What Am I ?

I am a girl girl mixed with a tom boy because I can be both and thats weird. I am mostly a tom boy because all my family and friends say that, but i am a little bit of a girl girl because I like to dress up and my hair and all that.