By Anthony Welch

cause of football injures and what hapens

the must common injures is the concussions. that can happen when you go head to head contact. the effect of the concussion is really bad headaches, short term memory lost.

knowing the play

in the game if you forget the play the team is in trouble because you can fumble or loos a down. You can stop this from happening by asking question Turing practices or practices it more.

football or soccer

I wold choose football over soccer any day. But I can see way people would pick soccer because it a non contact sport that you don't get injured a lot. like football you get injured all the time. but soccer and football are like the same by they both us ball to play the sport. but different stile of using the ball like football you us with your hand and soccer you us your foot.

Barry sander is the best running back ever

Barry sander is the best running ever because he got out of ever thing when he can't get any yards. like if he got stuck he would run backward to get out of it and juke his way out to go to the touchdown.
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