New country is found!!!


Barzaria is full of mountains with cities in between them. This country is Great for hiking and exercise. We have public pools, training rooms, etc. It's just as fun as the U.S. Laws are made by Barzarias agreements which in the U.S is known for the constitution. The type of government Barzaria is ran by will be democracy which is ran by the law. This way no one can take over the government and do what ever they want. Everyone has the same rights here. Their is laws that everyone has to follow so every one stays safe. The government will be ran by The Guest family and the Guest family's friends, ( If they want to be in the government). The people of the government are chosen by a family line. When a new person from the government comes in a friend of theirs can also be in the government if they want. So when someone dies the next person in the family line will take that persons place. Our government will have a house of family members which in the U.S it is known as the house of representatives and the state senates. There will also be branches. One branch is our nations court (the nations court is the judicial branch in the U.S)

The second branch is the lawmaker branch ( the lawmaker branch is the legislative branch is the U.S )

The last branch is the law carrier ( the law carrier branch is the executive branch in the U.S)

There will be taxes, they will be used to help build important things such as buildings, public stores, anything public, or anything that will help our country. All the citizens will be charged 1 cent extra on 1 thing the buy. When people want to border and come into our country.

They will have to fill out a report and find a job in a month if they can’t do that they will be kicked out and can try again in 9 months. The last thing to this country is everyone will have laws to follow.


One branch Nation’s Court ( Is the court of Barzaria)

The second is Lawmaker branch ( the Branch that makes the laws)

The third one is The law carrier ( the Branch that carries the laws out to the leader )

Barzaria is the best country yet but you won't know until you get here!!!