An Everyday Hero: Jesús Morillo

The history of Jesus Morillo, that saves a person.

The brave man

Jesús Morillo is an everyday hero because he saved a woman:

Jesus Morillo heard screams of a woman in a garage while patrolling the Macarena District . He knocked on the door to see what was happening , but no one opened and the screams continued . When he was identified as local police, a man came who tried to run away and attacked the agents. He tried to steal the weapon. He was stronger than him and had sexually assaulted the woman. They managed to immobilize and finally he was arrested .

He works as a police officer. A typical working day for a police officer means to starting work at 5:00 am and finishing at 00:00 pm. A police officer works in a police department. At work he has to be carefull of the mobile phone and to organize the city. To be a police officer you need these skills: to be brave, tall and intelligent. I would like to be a police officer because i like to stop thieves and help people.