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January 21, 2021 Home and School Connection


UPDATED Clarification on Quarantine Requirements

Dear Catholic School Families,

We are doing our best to remain on top of changes in the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, we wish to apprise you of a further change in our guidelines for quarantines. This represents a revision from the Quarantine Guidelines distributed last week.

In discussion with the Office of Catholic Schools and our consulting medical experts, we have decided that a quarantine of 7 days with a negative test result following domestic travel is not best for our school settings. A 7-day quarantine is only effective in instances of complete avoidance of social gatherings and because in-person instruction within a classroom is essentially a form of social gathering – even with physical distancing observed – that would nullify the integrity of 7-day quarantine. Rather, observance of 10 days in all instances of domestic travel provides the greatest level of safety for all students and staff. Therefore, please note the following with changes bolded for your reference:


  • A quarantine of 10 days is required for any/all domestic travel (i.e. travel outside of the state of Illinois)
    • Quarantine is required regardless of whether or not there is a negative test result, and no matter how much time is spent in another state.
    • Quarantine starts the day after return home.
  • International travel quarantine remains 14 days.
  • Close exposure quarantines remain 14-days at the recommendation of all departments of public health in those jurisdictions in which the Archdiocese operates and our own medical advisors.

We understand that this change may pose a challenge for some. Please know that we are in continuous contact with the departments of public health and our team of medical experts to assess our standards and adjusting, as necessary, to keep the safety of all in our school communities our first and unwavering priority. And in our focus on safety, we are also making every effort to keep you informed.

As the departments of public health adopt any new guidance, which we anticipate over the coming months, we will communicate with you immediately.

Thank you for your patience and commitment to the safety protocols that continue to make this school year a success under such extraordinary circumstances.


Archdiocesan COVID-19 Task Force

Thank you School Advisory Board and Donors!

Earlier in the year, our School Advisory Board organized the "Fund the Filters" campaign. We are so happy to let you know that not only did it fund the cost of an air purifier in every homeroom classroom, but we had enough money over to purchase a touchless water fountain with bottle filler. Our faculty and students are enjoying both very much. Thank you for you generosity!

Bus riders

The Westchester School District will resume their bus service in February. If you are interested in your child taking the bus, please call the school office and talk to Mrs Farmar. 708-562-2258

8th Grade Graduation Picture Day - February 4, 2021

  • Pictures will begin by 8:30 a.m.

  • Dress clothes are to be worn to school on this day. Caps and gowns must be brought to school.

  • There will be 2 sets of poses: one will be student wearing dress clothes and the other will be in cap and gown. Students are to arrive at school in their dress clothes. There will be full length pictures so please make sure students are dressed up from head to toe. Although not required, boys generally wear suits. Dress shirts and ties are a must. Girls should not wear anything backless or strapless, and dresses should be of an appropriate length. Turtleneck sweaters or high neck dresses are to be avoided because the gown has a collar. Dressy slacks are permitted. All students should avoid wearing shades of green as you will be photographed against a green screen.

  • Caps and gowns are being sent home with your child on Friday, January 22nd.

  • Please make sure you inspect your child’s gown well in advance of picture day. It may need to be steamed. Do not iron. Send the cap and gown to school with your child on or before picture day.

  • Optional: Gym clothes or future career outfits can be brought to school for later.

  • There will be a schedule so that no more than 2 individuals at a designated time will be in the room. If students choose to bring a change of clothes for gym or for their future career choice they may change clothing immediately following their photo time.

  • Virtual learning students have been scheduled in alphabetical order beginning at 10:30. Families have been notified of the schedule.

  • There is no pre-ordering at this time. Proofs will be sent to the school and home with your child at which time parents can order portrait packages.
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Borrowed Chrome books

Reminder that if your child was given a Chromebook to use during the virtual learning, it needs to be returned to school immediately. Please put all contents in the box it was brought home in. It will be looked over for any damage.
Tax Credit Scholarships

Details on what a tax credit scholarship is. See if you qualify or if you are looking to donate

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Catholic Schools Week January 31 - February 6

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IMPORTANT - If anyone in your household tests for COVID-19

If you or a family member in your home is tested for COVID- regardless of the reason for the test- we must know about it and document it. Your child and all siblings in school should stay at home until you receive the result. If a family member is found positive, your child will need to be in quarantine. The quarantine would last 14 days providing the positive person is in isolation. If they break isolation, it is labeled a "complex quarantine" and students will need to be in isolation and quarantine. This is 24 days total. Final decision regarding how long a student must miss school is decided by the Archdiocesan nurse. Her decision is based on the information you provide to us. It is imperative that families be truthful in their position. Our goal is for our students to be learning and growing, whether it is in school or in our virtual school.

The reality is that children may be positive with the slightest of symptoms. Always keep our school in your communication.

Communication to families about Protocols

From Dr. Jim Rigg, Superintendent, Office of Catholic Schools

Happy Birthday!

January 21 - Noah in grade 2

January 22 - Mariana in Kindergarten

January 23 - Maggie in grade 2

January 24 - Leo in preschool

January 26 - Carlton grade Junior Kindergarten

January 26 - Katherine in grade 7

Half Birthdays! (These birthdays will take place when we release for the school year in June!)

July 21 - Isaiah in grade 6

July 21 - Andrew in Kindergarten

July 22 - Gianna in preschool

July 24 - Lucy in grade 6

July 25 - Anthony in Kindergarten

Travel Guidance

Per Archdiocese protocol, we ask that you check states that require a 14 day quarantine if you are traveling. To view which states this applies to click here. Please pay special attention that surrounding states are on this list. Please refer to the map below.
Suburban Cook County* Travel Quarantine List

Click here to see the list of states requiring quarantine

Archdiocese of Chicago COVID-19 Case Protocol

The Office of Catholic Schools’ Infection Protocol Guide details the steps required of school administrators

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January Lunch

There are no lunches during virtual learning

January 22 - Nacho Combo

January 25 - Chicken tenders

January 26 - Hot dog

January 27 - Deep Dish Pizza

January 29 - Classic Hamburger

Calendar changes

We recently have made a few changes to our school calendar. This year, the responsibilities of teachers have drastically increased. The amount of planning time has decreased. For this reason, we are going to begin some early dismissals to allow teachers more time to effectively plan. Dismissal time will be 1:00. Students will have time to eat a snack at school but will not have lunch. Early dismissals will take place on the last Thursday of each month. After care will be available. Students going to after care may bring their own lunch to eat.

2021 Early dismissal dates:

January 28

February 25

March 25

April 29

May 27

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Phone Number for Extended Care (To call or text during extended care hours) 773-682-6196

Mary, Mother of Divine Grace Parish Bulletin

Click here to see the Sunday Parish bulletin.

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All winter Sports have been canceled/ spring is pending

Important Dates

January 28 - Early 1:00 Dismissal, no lunch

January 31- February 6 CATHOLIC SCHOOLS WEEK

February 4 - Graduation Photos

February 9 - Late start 9 AM

February 15 - NO SCHOOL President's Day

February 26 - Last day fo 2nd trimester

March 9 - Late start 9 AM

March 10 - Optional Spring picture day

March 10 - 8th Grade Graduation RETAKE day

March 19 - NO SCHOOL Faculty in-service

April 2 - NO SCHOOL Good Friday

April 4 - Easter Sunday

April 5 - 9 - Easter Break NO SCHOOL

Divine Providence Staff 2020-2021

Please CLICK HERE for the faculty for 2020-2021

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