Fight for Our Right

To call John Adams a stupid termite

Why do We Need to Fight?

President Adams is insane! New immigrants are not to blame! What happened to Freedom of Speech? Freedom of the Press? Why are we letting them do this to us, like a game of chess? Why are we letting them say who can come to this country? It's as bad as making us all go hungry. It's time to stand up to Adams! And his stupid actions! We left Great Britain to run from the king! Now we're hanging on by a string! We will have a King Adams if he continues to ignore our Constitution! Then, we will have another REVOLUTION! Why do we have a Constitution if we don't obey it? We will fight them like we did to the ignorant Brits! Fight for our Rights!
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He Doesn't Care!

This complete and totally accurate picture depicts exactly what Adams did! How can we let him treat us like kids? He never referred to the Constitution. That would be an easier resolution. He doesn't care what he's doing! I doubt he even KNOWS that trouble is brewing. All I know is he better stop it before we have another war! With tons of fighting and lots of gore!

Protest the Alien and Sedition Acts!

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