JFK Assassination

12:30p.m. November 22, 1963

Friday November 22, 1963

It was packed everyone was edging forward trying to get a look. Murmurs could be heard "is he coming" "do you see him". People would call back no he isn't coming yet. Sighs of disappointment would rippel through the crowd every time there was a false alarm. No one knew what we were all about to witness.

Friday November 22, 1963

We were all standing shoulder to shoulder, packed like sardians. Everyone started to gasp and squeal “here he comes” “look hes right there”. I craned my neck trying to get a better look. Finally I got my first glimpse of John F. Kennedy through all the heads in front of me. He came directly into my sight I could see him, his wife Jackie, and the Democratic governor of Texas. In the car directly behind them was the vice president Lyndon Johnson and his wife Claudia. There was a loud boom that seemed to echo and then everyone started to scream I was so lost. That’s when I saw it JFK was limply slouched in the back of the car, blood was everywhere. His wife tried jumping from the car a secret service agent pushed her back in jumped in the car and they sped away. Lee H. Oswald was found and arrested for the shooting. President Kennedy was hit by the first of three shots is what witnesses report. The governer of Texas also suffered serious but not critical wounds.

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