Okanangans Most Unwanted

Eurasian Water Milfoil and Quagga Mussel

Invasive Spiecies

Invasive species are an animal or plant that has been brought on purpose or unintentionally into another habitat. That then has no natural predators, therefore becoming overpopulated. Then the invasive species over crowds the native species, causing them to die out. After that the domino affect starts to set in, other native animals that aren't directly effected are hurt.

Eurasain Water Milfoil

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Myriophllum spicatum

Flowers: Yellow four leaf flowers that emerge 5-10 cm above the water.

Stems: Reddish brown, long , thin, branching stem, typically 1-4 meters long, but can grow up to 10 meters.

Leaves: Bright green, feathery, about 3 cm long. There is usually12+ segments on each side.

Quagga Mussel

History and Negative Effects.

Eurasian milfoil was first seen in the Okanagan in the 1940's. By 1944 it was fully established. Eurasian Water Milfoil is native to Europe, Asia, and North Africa. It was first introduced to the United states as a decoration for aquariums, it is assumed that the contents of the aquarium were dumped into a near by pond, traveling through rivers and other water ways to B.C.

Eurasian water Milfoil naturally spreads through under ground runners , but accidental cuttings can start new plants when transported else where. This combination makes it easy to thrive. With such a growing number of plants, they the suffocate other organisms, by using all the under water air, native or not.


Dreissena bugensis

Size: roughly the size of an adults thumbnail.

Shape: three sided, rounded top, flat bottom.

Color and shell: black and white zig-zags, and\or stripes.

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History and Negitive Effects

Quagga Mussels are native to the Ukraine, and came to America by attaching them self's to boats and releasing eggs in foreign places. They prefer cool deep water but are very adaptable.

A female quagga mussel will realese at least

100 000 will make it to adulthood. At there youngest stage they are the size of a grain if sand, and can be easily transported accidentally elsewhere.

Some Negative affects are:

-toxic algae

-razor sharp shells

-clogging pipes

-clogging water filtering systems

-lack of air for other organisms

-lack of habitat


For Eurasian Water Milfoil, and Quagga Mussels not to take over all of our native lakes drastic measures must be taken. Sadly action has not been taken on Eurasian water Milfoil therefore allowing it to take over Okanagan lake. To Help stop it, do not plant in water garden or aquariums, don't take the plant with you camping or to another lake, and, clean of your boat before taking it to another body of water. What they are doing now is cutting off the top,s so boats can pass without becoming caught. by doing this it can help spread the Eurasian water Milfoil by dispersing to cutting to other parts of the lake.

To stop Quagga Mussels from further destroying our native ecosystem action has been taken, to stop them from invading. Such as Campaigns like "Don't Move a Mussel" , and if you bring them into Canada, dead or alive there is a 100 000$ fine. To help stop the spread of this invasive mussel you must, clean off all mussels from your boats when traveling, including as much sand as possible, for the Quagga Mussel can be as small as grain of sand.