Mercedes Benz Marketing

exploring the business strategies used by Mercedes Benz

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Mercedes Benz is a luxury vehicle manufacturer from Germany. Their cars have reached out to all different countries. Their target market ranges from wealthy young people of both genders to a more elderly market. They also market to all sorts of consumers, such as people looking for a sports car, commuting car, a family car. Being a luxury product, their consumers usually have high paying jobs in order to afford their cars that at the lower end of their pricing run upwards of 30 thousand dollars.
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Use of Social Media

Mercedes Benz uses social media to their full advantage. With over twenty-million Facebook followers, 4.7 million Instagram followers and, 1.54 million twitter followers, MB has amassed a huge following on social media. This is a valuable marketing tool because they can post truly beautiful images of their cars and reel in the buyers. Not only this but, MB is quite good about replying to customers on their social medias, giving the customer a shout out for supporting them. This makes the consumer feel valuable to MB and makes them want to stay in the MB family. You can find their Instagram and Twitter from these links.,

MB's Four Cs

Creating: Mercedes Benz's cars have impeccable craftsmanship and are truly unique compared to their competitors. They show off their magnificent creations by posting a large amount of images on their social media. Showing their designs off to a wide variety of viewers.

Curating: Not only does MB put an emphasis on safety, they also show their customers they care by posting in fan or consumer photos of their MB families or MB lives on Their official Instagram account.

Connecting: Through their very large social media following MB is able to connect to a wide variety of people from all over the world.

Community: MB creates a benchmark for high society with their products. They also encourage participation in car clubs and events to help bring their customers together more. Which is also evident when they post user submitted images on their social media accounts.

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