Houston Mark with the dog

By Houston Mark, who knows his title is lame

Houston Mark with the dog

Lazy but content Houston Mark

Has to walk a dog with a bark

It slobbers, sneezes,

It's snappy and wheezesAand it smell like a bunch of

old rotten, forgotten cheeses

Meredith, mom, and father alike

Have left Houston to make the dog hike

He'll fuss, complain, pray for it to rain

saying it is "very unsocialist pain"

When, after a while, the slouch gets off his couch

the entire family has become a grouch

"She bit me" Mer said,

"my foot feels torn off and she ate my shoe,

Now Houston, what are you going to do?"

Zoom! Houston raced out with the dog,

behind him was the mutt with the mullet

running fast as a bullet

The pooch squirmed and squeezed

she was pig that's been greased

finally, after they left,

the entire family was happily pleased

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