Andrew Jackson

The Man with the People Power

Indiana Removal Act

The Indians lived in Georgia on a land of gold and plantation. The white settlers found out about the gold and wanted the land for themselves. Jackson hated the Native Americans, so he agreed. He signed the Indian Removal Act into a law. Jackson allowed the US government to "exchange" the Indian's land with less desirable land west of the Mississippi to Oklahoma where the Indians can settle.

Nonfiction Act

Government put the Tariff on imported goods, and South disagree about this. South doesn't want to pay it and threatens to secede. Congress and Jackson pass the Force Bill that forces the South Carolina to pay the Tariff. Jackson said if they din't pay it he will turn the army against them. Congress and South Carolina come up with a compromise to lower the Tariff, and South Carolina agrees to pay it.

The Corrupt Bargain

Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams were against each other during the 1824 election. Jackson got most of the votes, but did not reach 50%, so the House of Representatives had to vote and chose Adams. The reason the outcome of this election was called the corrupt Bargain, was because Henry Clay would go behind Jackson's back and tell the congress to vote for Adams. Since clay helped Adams get elected, Adams put Clay as the Secretary of State.

Editoral Review

Cherokee (Negative)

Hi, my name is Ama and I am the daughter of the Cherokee Tribe Leader. My life was amazing back in Georgia, but after the "Indian Removal Act" my tribe has had nothing but hardships. All I want to know, is what did we ever do to get Jackson mad? We have our own nation, constitution, and own language. I wish he would just leave us alone.

Factor worker (Positive)

Andrew Jackson is the best president. He helped us increases our economy, by setting a Tariff on the Southerners tools. Because of him me and my fellow common white men are able to vote and instead of just mean rich white men. Also because of the spoiled system some of my close friends got jobs. Thank You Jackson!!!!