The Old Man and the Sea

By Ernest Hemingway

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The old man was from Cuba. He was a fisherman. People said that he had bad luck. He has blue eyes, thin, gaunt with deep wrinkles in the back of his neck. Manolin's friend.


The boy was a teenager, Santiago’s friend. The old man first took him out on a boat when he was five years old. Loves to fish with Old man.

The Marlin

The Marlin measured eighteen feet. The Marlin was the fish that Santiago caught and the sharks ate it.


The Sea (la mar)


The Old Man and the Sea is a story about a boy called "Manolin" and the Old Man called "Santiago". They were talking about the old man’s luck and how it had run out. For eight four days he hasn't caught a fish. One day the boy left the Old Man because his father made him and since he was young he had to obey. The boy likes the old man and he takes care of him. The Old Man may be stubborn at times but the boy learns to take care of him. He buys him food such as rice, beans and fish. The Old Man is saying how the Sea could be a great thing then turn and make you hate her. The Old Man eats white eggs and drinks shark Liver oil to get stronger. The Old Man has not been lost at sea but he just couldn't see land and explained how others would have gotten scared and gone back but not him, he was brave. He finally sees a fish. It’s a marlin! Later that night he goes to sleep and starts to imagine that he is with his idol the great Joe DiMaggio and they are both smoking talking back and forth. He finally sees the fish and he is bigger than before. While this happens he gets the cramps and back pains. He was sad that the fish jumped because he couldn't catch him. He believed that the fish jumped to show him how big he was. When he finally catches the fish he feels bad because he felt that he was connected to the fish in a type of way. He feels bad for killing the shark and says it’s a sin. But he thinks he didn't kill him just because he wanted, he killed him because it was self-defense. Once he went back to the main land the other fisherman gather around his boat to see the bones of a big Marlin which they thought was a shark. Manolin was worried about the Old Man but when he found him in his bed, he felt happy and gave him some coffee and a newspaper.


The theme would be pride and perseverance. When he catches the fish and holds onto him for two to three days and he doesn't give up. When he got a cramp on his hand he tried his hardest to catch the fish. Its almost as if he didn't want to lose the pride he had to a fish.

Praise or Pan

In my opinion not recommend this book to someone who likes to read action or mystery. This book was boring on many levels but it had some surprising moments. If you like with books with excitement and comedy you should just put the book down and read any other book


The Old Man And The Sea part 2