The Windy City!

The Great City Of Chicago

Weather In Chicago

What Time Is It?

Its almost Spring in Chicago now. Chicago is in the same timezone as Texas.


  1. The Highest high that week was 32 F. The Lowest low that week was -2 F. Chicago is a very old city.


  1. The Winds were in the 5-15 mph range. I don't think it was that windy this week.


  1. The Precipitation was in 0.00 in- 0.15 in. range.


  1. The Humidity went up and down through 40-90. There was no pattern during this week in Chicago.

My Contact

  1. The Person I contacted was a friend named Zach he is 13 years old, was born and raised in Chicago. He lives around 15 minutes away from Lake Michigan. He said it was between -7 F to 7 F.

Contacts Answers

  1. His predictions on this week in Chicago were not perfect because it did get to the 30s but it did also get down to how cold he described it to be.

Climate In Chicago

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The Lake

Chicago’s is usually very cold though majority of the seasons, this is because how Chicago is located right next to Lake Michigan.


Chicago's Latitude is 41.8369 N. Chicago is closer to the pole.

Prevailing Wind

The Prevailing Wind in Chicago That week is in the 5-15 mph area.

Big City

Chicago is a very big city. In fact it is the 3rd biggest city in the United States.


Chicago doesn't get either hurricanes or tornados but the state does at times. Chicago is one of the safest cities from storms but has harsh snowstorms, says Ilyce Glink.

No Mountains

Chicago is not near any specific mountains but is near a Lake which make Chicago colder. Lake Michigan.


Chicago gets Warm ocean currents and also is not near any ocean.


Depending on the ocean, If Chicago was moved closer to that Ocean it would either get much hotter or much colder.