Dr. Gayle Way

Valuable Alternative Treatments & Counseling for Addictions

Whether you're a teacher and frustrated with your work, have a shawl and shy; lenging relationship with your spouse or partner, they are longing to live their passion and purpose more fully into the world, or feel that life was not meant to be a struggle, often their desire for greater peace and happiness that puts you in the way to live a more conscious life. Dr. Gayle provides Depression Treatment and helps you encourage your participation throughalternative treatment of anxiety and depression.

Dr. Gayle Way is a Psychology Therapist & Counsellorat Gmway. With 30 Years Experience, she specializes in Alternative Addiction Treatment. She is co-founder of Energetic Self Manifestation ESM Therapy for Anxiety. She has worked extensively with survivors of trauma Including childhood sexual abuse as well as clients coping with anxiety, depression and relationship problems. Gmway designed with an emphasis on understanding the dynamics of abusive behavior and health for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Gmway center provides individual counseling to survivors of domestic and sexual violence as well as a variety of support groups focused on domestic violence and sexual assault issues. Counseling services are offered for free, individual counseling is offered on a session basis. Those interested in a counseling session should come to our administrative office and fill out some paperwork.No matter where you are from, you can go to the next level of happen and shyness, integrity, transformation and success. You will feel more deeply, experience life more deeply, and enjoy a more intimate connection with you, your soul, and others. At Gmway.com, fix an appointment to meet Psychologist for Marital Counseling.