NRTSO 4_22_15

NR Teacher of the Week: Jen Ackerman

Way to GROW!

I had the opportunity to view one of Ms. Ackerman's lessons in early March. It was a small group Mathematics lesson, and it went very well. I provided feedback to Ms. Ackerman, and she ran with it! Her lesson from March 18th ended up being one of the best small group lessons I've seen this year! WOW!


Remember Toni Berault's lesson featured in last week's NRTSO? The students continued on their journey, and the results were fantastic. All of the students had FANTASTIC letters! Please keep in mind that these are 2ND GRADE STUDENTS! This is a result of high expectations and collaboration amongst the teachers at Hoosier.

Here is what Toni had to say about the project:

Hi Summer!

Thank you so much! They are actually all working on their final drafts right now. We have been working hard on them all week—meeting together to peer edit, and they are to have their final drafts submitted by end of day tomorrow. On Friday we are having a big writing showcase where we will spotlight everyone’s letters. Students can come and go throughout the showcase and just see what their peers wrote about!
There is a new HS Life Science lesson in the NRTT. Please send your amazing lessons and resources to .

Extending & Connecting the Learning

Alexis Keevers of Hoosier Academies taught a great Science lesson. The students learned so much about renewable and non-renewable resources, mining, and minerals in general. But the learning didn't stop at the end of class. Alexis encouraged her students to be a part of Earth Day in their community. GREAT JOB!
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Romeo & Juliet

A great lesson ELA lesson is about so much more than reading. Kelly Winters, of Hoosier, knows that great lessons include many ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS. Take a look at some of the DoK and on-topic chat taking place in this awesome lesson!

Summer Shelton, Regional Instructional Specialist

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