U.S Government Branches

By Isaac Knittig

Executive Branch

The president and the vice president lead the Executive Branch. The president and vice president live and work in the White House in Washington D.C. The president's office is called the Oval Office. The president also is in charge of the Government and the Army, the Navy, the Marines, and the Air Force. Also, the president has a cabinet. The cabinet helps the president make decisions. The Executive branch gets the laws that the Legislative branch made. Next, the president signs the law. Finally, the president sends it to the Judicial Branch so they can incorporate the law. Also, the president can reject the law and put a veto stamp on it. Then, sends it back to Congress which is the Legislative branch. Congress can also overide the law. Overall, the Executive branch carries the laws.


Legislative Branch

The legislative branch is Congress. The Senaters and representatives are at Congress. In the whole United States there are 100 Senators. Also, in the whole United States there are 435 representatives. That's a lot of representatives. At Congress there are two parts. One part is where the Senators are and one part where the representatives are. They make laws and the Senators talk about the law. Next, the representatives talk about the law. Finally, if they think the law is good they send it to the president and the vice president which is the Executive Branch. Then, the president signs it or rejects it and puts a veto stamp on it. The Legislative Branch makes laws.


Judicial Branch

The judges and justices lead the Judicial Branch. The judges get the law that the president signed. They see if the law is fair and if it would make a good law. Then, if they think it is a good fair law they incorporate the law. Also, they decide the consequences and the results if people break the law. Also, the Judicial Branch is made up with courts. The judges at the Supreme court are called justices. The supreme court is the highest court. The president chooses the justices for the supreme court. Supreme court justices do not have a limit. The Judicial Branch incorporates the laws.
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