Programmable Logic Controller

What is a P.L.C.?

A programmable logic controller is an industrial computer that is used to control processes and factory automation, in example the construction of automobiles.

How does it work?

It monitors inputs from sensors such as temperature, speed, proximity, flow, etc., and adjusts its outputs, either digital or analog electrical signals based on its program. The program can include counters, timers, relays, data comparison, and many, many more basic and advanced instructions.

Careers working with a P.L.C.

A P.L.C. can operate almost any electrical device so this opens up a huge, wide range of jobs that use this technology.

Many people in the engineering field design and build control systems that use this computer.

Programmable Logic Controller TIMELINE

  • 1969- Richard Morley of Benford Associates starts a well known company called Modicon and patents first P.L.C., the 084 model.
  • 1974- Allen Bradley makes his first programmable logic controller called the Bulletin 1774 and patents it.

From this point forward, company's such as General Electric and Omron make and improve the P.L.C. computer to the state where it is today.

Does this technology change the way we think, act, or what we know about the Earth

A P.L.C. can change the way we act, by making us not think about the problems it can take care of in a second. Because in example, a car without fuel injection, takes more work to start than a car with fuel injection. It can let us think about other things, rather than starting a car with no Programmable Logic Controller.

But since a P.L.C. is used more for the electrical businesses, it does not have much to do with geology, but perhaps in the future it will.

How does this effect our society?

Although we never think about it, P.L.C.'s save us time, money, energy, labor, and improve efficiency.
  • Doney Park Water uses P.L.C.'s to control the water level in a tank or the pressure in a water system, or send alarms to employees when something goes wrong.
  • Cars use P.L.C.'s to control their engine and transmission making them more efficient.

Here is an example of what a P.L.C. can do!

PLC controlled miniature elevator

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