Life on Mars

Link To Project

To get to my project go to tinkercad and log in with the email and the password is jg180068 if that link does not work

Greenhouse Garden

In the garden I would grow a lot of resources key to make life successful on Mars. One of these items would be cotton so making clothes would be possible. Lots of fruit and vegetables would be grown to keep people healthy on the planet to. The last things would be sugar, cocoa and coffee plants because these plants can be used in multiple ways and are key to making several important products to keep life on Mars possible.


The gym would serve as a multipurpose building one as a fitness center and the other as a doctors office. I would have the fitness center to keep people healthy and the doctors office to treat people. The gym is important to because it allows people to do fun active activities they can´t do inside their homes on Mars and obviously not outside either. That is why The gym/doctor was an edition to my project.

Rocket Station

I built a rocket station so rockets from Earth can bring more supplies and people from Earth until life on Mars is completly possible. This would be essential for the people who may go to Mars on Mars 1 because without incoming supplies the conolization on Mars would be impossible. The dome I built by it would be to store the supplies in until they are needed. I built a landing pad and a rocket so the people on Mars can leave in case of an emergency. That is why the rocket station is so key to survival on Mars


Houses are obiously nessicary to live on Mars unless you plan on wearing a spacesuit all of your life. On Mars you are going to want your own place to live so that is why you will need a house. Just like on Earth you need a place to relax, store your belongings aand sleep. Houses will be even more nessisary if more people end up on Mars if the mars 1 mission is a sucess. There really isn´t much to talk about houses on Mars they will be relativily similar to the ones on Earth. So all in all there won´t be many changes to the houses on Mars.


The bank will be important to make currency on Mars. Also to pay people and so they can buy things so you have something to work for on mars. The bank will also provide more jobs to help mars get it´s economy going with money. Also they can buy services or goods from the store or from others. That is what the bank could be used for.


The store will be important for a number of reasons. First it provides more jobs for when more people come and Mars gets an economy going. Next it allows the other people on Mars to purchase things. That is why I grew all those products in the greenhouse/garden so that they ccan be manufactured into new products or kept thee way they are and sold. The store will also allow people to buy new clothes if they grow which will be conveinient. That is why in my opinion the store is one of the most important things that I built on Mars.


The grey boxes I built connecting are tunnels so you do not have to go outside whenever you want to travel somewhere. There really isn´t much i can really say about tunnels.