Archive Destruction

Texas Officials' Journals Recovered!

Who Was Wrong?! Was it Houston, Lamar, or even The Father of Texas?! The questioning persists. After scavenging many books and journals, we have earned the right to publicly announce that we have, in fact found Austin's journal and we have already read its contents.

Journal Contents

After scavenging this journal, we have found that its contents are valuable. It says as follows: " I am sick and tired of Mexico. They are going to keep destroying our colony with their incoherent communication and powerful raids. Now our own godforsaken president is turning on us. He plans to move the capitol back to Houston, which will greatly annoy me and my colony." As you can see, Austin was under the impression that happened to be a complete miscommunication and misconception. We caught on to some ripped pages that were about a woman named Angelina Eberly. This was not part of Austin's journal.
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The Ripped Pages

"For years and years, Mexico continues to annihilate our defenses and continues to render us dependent. Now they force the capitol to Houston, and they're going to pay for it." Obviously, Austin and his militia are determined to strike and destroy Mexican officials. While Mexicans raid Texans and Houston is trying to retreat the archives with everybody panicking, Austin made the decision that he wanted to fight and end the Mexican raids.
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The Point Of View Of Houston and Eberly

"We just shot Mexicans who tried to load their wagon with some kind of documents. That'll teach 'em who's boss. I will update this journal a..." This was all that was left. The rest was cut off. Everyone is assuming that this was written by Eberly. There were some entries about Houston. Austin had a hobby for collecting lost journal pages, according to our prior knowledge. Houston on the other hand, tried to solve the problem by retreating the documents. "This is too much! Everybody! Ret.... back to the capitol! Go!" This statement was copied by Austin and some of the letters are faded out. However, people are believing that this was not the move that saved Texas from Mexico. Strangely enough, people think that Eberly was the one who saved future generations from Mexican control! The hype and questioning for this life-changing discovery must now decease. Now, we celebrate for the good that Houston and Eberly did for us and everybody in Texas!
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