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November 30th - December 4th

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Tuesday, December 1st

  • Tier 3 RtI

Wednesday, December 2nd

  • 3rd Grade Only: Science Assessment Window Opens (closes January 8th)
  • Faculty Meeting & Rebecca Sitton Training 3pm
  • Progress Reports Go Home

Thursday, December 3rd

  • K-2 RtI
  • Business Fair

Friday, December 4th

  • Picture "Make-Up" Day

Monday, December 7th

  • Math & Language Arts Benchmark Window Opens

Wednesday, December 9th

  • Morning - Lock Down Drill followed by Shelter in Place Drill
  • Leadership Meeting - 3pm Library

Kagan Strategy: Quiz-Quiz-Trade

Quiz-Quiz-Trade is a fun, cooperative strategy to get all student involved in reviewing content. For this activity, you will need a one question card for each student in your class (either teacher or student made).

Steps for Quiz-Quiz-Trade:

  1. Students pair up.
  2. Partner A quizzes
  3. Partner B answers.
  4. Partner A praises or coaches.
  5. Partners switch roles.
  6. Partners trade cards and thank each other.
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 as many times as desired.

Below is a video of a 1st grade teacher using this strategy with her students to help them review spelling words.

Kagan Structrure: Trade Trade Quiz Mrs. Renfrow 1st Grade