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Week of May 6, 2019

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School Calendar of Events

May 21- School Board meeting @ Flatrock 7pm

May 23-31 Parent Drive Days

May 27- Memorial Day NO SCHOOL

May 29- 8th grade graduation @ Flatrock 7pm (NEW date and place)

May 30- Field Day 11AM to end of day. ALL kids P/U @ Flatrock

May 31-Last day of school- includes Baptismal Remembrance/Closing chapel (Time TBD)

This week we are praying for...

Shane/Renee Zellers and Kate & Jake

Adam/Christy Zelt and Alex

Denny & Becky Zelt

May Hot Lunch

The month of May gets a little crazy with the many field trips almost all classes are going on as well as the kitchen working to clean out freezers and cupboards for the summer. There will be a few pack days either for one campus or the other or both. Below is a list of those days that I know of as of this newsletter.

  • May 10th & 16th- Pack day for Soest

Know also that the menu may not be quite as specific some days as it has been in terms of what is being served. An example would be pizza. The menu will say pizza but not specify what kind due to what we may have on hand to serve.

Hoagland Days Parade

SJE will have a float in this year's Hoagland Days parade on June 15th. The faculty and staff are working on the planning of it now. If you'd like to help, we would appreciate it. We would also like to see many families walking with us in the parade wearing school shirts/gear. I would really like for us to make a big impact in the parade by being seen and being a large group.

New Newsletter Format for 19-20

This newsletter format will be retired at the end of this school year. Next year you will receive the other version I have been sending via text along with this one. The new format allows me to share more things in a much easier way. I hope many of you like the new format I have been using. Here is a link to this week's newsletter in the new format:

WIth the new format, you can now "follow" it and receive it automatically when I publish it. All you need to do is go to and click on the "follow" button at the top right under the school banner.

Message from PTL

Thank you! It's wonderful parent volunteers like you that make organizing and running our annual school carnival possible. Thank you so much for volunteering your time before, during, and after the event. Fingers crossed everyone will be able to help out again next year. Thank you for the teachers for doing art projects for the silent auction as they all were amazing. Thank you, room parents, that put the classroom baskets together for the silent auction as they were perfect and amazing also. I want to express my gratitude for my committee team; Shelley Million, Amy Schlaudroff, Amy McCullough and Emily Hissong for making this another successful carnival. I will miss doing carnival as I do love it but I must concentrate on other things. I hope to return but will see what God has planned for me. I am pleased and excited to announce that Shon and Amy McCullough will be taking over silent auction and sponsorship next season along with Amy Schlaudroff doing raffle & carnival prizes and Emily Hissong continuing to do the kitchen. The carnival will need someone to volunteer there time and plan games and prizes for the 2019-2020 school year.

Volunteering at SJE

Please note the info in bold below and see where you might be able to help/volunteer. If you have not yet volunteered this year, time is running out. Please consider doing so.

**Please note that your volunteer hours this year (18-19) will reduce or eliminate up to $400 of the tuition increase/student set for the 19-20 school year.***

The Lutheran SGO for SJE

It's that time again to have a conversation about our SGO. We have many families that have filled out applications requesting funds to assist with their school tuition. This is a great way to help them. It allows the donor to donate funds to the SGO and receive a 50% Indiana state tax credit. If your donation is large enough, you can carry it over up to 8 tax years. Our need this year as of now is $19,500.00, of which we already have about $10,000.00. Please consider giving. There are so many ways to do so and more are coming in early 2019. Please visit the website for more info.

Lutheran Night at the TinCaps

This year’s Lutheran Night at the TinCaps will be on Monday, July 22 (7:05 PM). The game will feature post-game fireworks and Family Feast Night (hot dogs, popcorn, pizza slices and small soft drinks are all $1). Ticket prices did increase this year and are now $10

$1 from each ticket goes to the RN scholarship fund at Lutheran Life Villages which provides the opportunity for LLV staff to grow and earn their RN license.

In addition to the traditional order form below, is the ability to purchase tickets online at the following link:

TinCaps Order Form