Brand Repositioning

New Brand Image

Nike is known for being one of the best action sport apparel companies in the world. From the day they were established to now, they have created one of the most recognizable brand logo's and slogan's. Nike has positioned and cemented itself as one of the dominate active wear clothing brands. Repositioning Nike to be a fashion brand would not be as hard as it would be for a company that has just started because their brand is already established. The reason why it would be a good idea to reposition Nike as a fashion brand because the fashion industry is a mutlibillion dollar market that Nike has only touched the surface on and that needs to be exploited. The goal is to create more stylish clothing moving away from using the Nike Dri-fit material to using materials and creating stylish premium clothing. Selling apparel for formal, semi-formal and casual events, as well as accessories (watches, bracelets, earring, necklaces) and shoes. The goal is to be one of the top brands in the action sport apparel market and fashion market. By having the best designs, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, retailing, advertising and promoting. This repositioning gives Nike more competitors such as: Holt Renfrew, Aritzia, H&M, Le Chateau. Which Nike could compete and surpass bringing a lot it loyal customers along with the repositioning.
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Logo and Slogan Changes

Catering to Both Sexes

When repositioning Nike the logo must change from using the check to just using the Name as the logo in order for people to be able to tell the difference. Creating a two separate logo's in order to accommodate and appeal to both sexes. By putting a more feminine touch on the logo when it comes to the font. Allowing us to appeal to both sexes.
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New Slogan: We Put the it in Fit

Even though Nike's slogan "Just Do It" is recognized world wide, it does not fit with the new positioning of Nike. The slogan "Just Do It" was made for a company targeting the action sport apparel. Using the new slogan allows it to relate more to the fashion district and the specific target. Giving the people the sense that Nike provides them with the perfect fit every time. One of the main problems that people will have is that the clothes that they want don't fit them right and Nike will address that issue. the "Just Do It" slogan gives those who wears Nike's clothing the feeling they can do anything especially when Nike uses their motivational commercial strategy in order to relate to the market. When repositioning "We Put the it in Fit" gives those who wear the clothes that it will not only look right but fit right.

Products And Services

Nike's products and services consisted of selling running shoes, but not only that but shirts, shorts, gear, accessories, Nike +, team apparel. Nike also sells athletic gear for action sports such as: Football, Basketball, Running, Soccer, Surfing, Baseball, Hockey. Since Nike is being repositioned to being more of a fashion/lifestyle company. Nike has to move from selling athletic wear and team wear to selling more stylish clothing, shoes and accessories. Going from selling running shoes to shoes for going out, loafers and dress shoes. Accessories like wrist bands, to selling watches, and bracelets for Men. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings and anklets. When it comes to clothes, Nike will now sell clothes that can be worn to formal, semi-formal and casual events. When it comes to the stores give it a less rugged and active feel to being to being more stylish and feel more like a high class stores by adding fancy chandeliers and mirrors with terrific lighting with fancy change rooms and excellent service. Creating a fit that no other company can produce promising a fit that everyone would love. Allowing Nike to create a new and exclusive feel to brand making it expensive. Giving the feeling the consumers the feeling of being elite, giving a familiar feeling like those who buy a pair of Jordan's

Demographic and Psychographics

Generally the demographics and psychographics will remain the same because everyone wears formal, semi-formal and casual clothing. The demographic just got larger because now we are also targeting the corporate world and not just the regular working class, because or the sale of clothes that can be worn to work. Targeting more of the middle class and high class people because of the pricing and the exclusiveness that Nike wants to create for their customers. Focusing more one males and females from their teenage years and older. The target market has lightly changed to targeting people with a higher social status. When it comes to the psychographics targeting those who dream big and have a vision, great aspirations and future. Attacking and targeting all working classes because of the broad variety of clothing that Nike is selling.



All three of these girls would be the perfect spokes person for the new positioning because they have large followings and all dress well. They all also appeal to the demographic and target market Nike is trying to appeal too. All famous in their own ways whether it's by acting, modelling, singing.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is the half sister of the famous Kim Kardashian. She made her debut on the hit reality show "Keeping up with the Kardashian's" and she is now a model. She is a very good spokesperson for Nike because she has a very big following, and people care about what she wears and wants to wear the same thing. She is very young and she is one of the most successful and influential models since 2014. When she endorses and wears Nike's clothes people will take notice and start to want to wear Nike clothing. She fits everything Nike represents high class, has big dreams and aspirations. Kendall also has a very good fashion sense and wears formal, semi-formal and casual clothing. She was also voted one of the top dressed women of 2015 and 2016. Which is a very big achievement has her as our spokesperson would be a great opportunity that will benefit Nike.


All these men fit the bill of who Nike is looking for as a males spokesperson. Popularity, great sense of style, successful in their fields, all in GQ most stylish Men list for 2016

Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham represents everything Nike is currently doing with the repositioning. Going from athlete to fashion. Odell is one of the athletes that do it best he was voted on of the best dressed celebrities of 2016 according to GQ magazine. Hands down the best dressed athlete who has a lot of personality and a great sense of fashion. The standard for looking good when it comes to how men should dress. He brings a lot to the table whether it's popularity, fashion sense, personality and his following this spokesperson would put Nike over the top.

Sponsored Events

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New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is the week when all the big names in the fashion industry come together to showcase their new creations. Is known as one of the biggest fashion events of the year. When Nike sponsors this event it allows them to get recognition by the fashion industry and all the fashionistas out there. It gets the Nike's new image out and showcasing it's new clothing lines. By putting in this fashion week it gives Nike's clothes the exclusive and elite status because only the big names have their clothing lines put on showcase in these fashion shows. Nike will be known for their sleek new design and concepts, great material and great fir for everyone. Sponsoring this fashion week allows for Nike to get a lot of publicity because fashion weeks gets talked about for a very long time because all the fashion weeks are so far apart. Nike clothes will be critiqued by magazines like GQ, Vogue, with good reviews the demand for Nike's clothes will go up. Good review would equal the rise in sales. Allows Nike to compete with all the big fashion brands in the fashion industry.

Promotional Plan

In order to help reposition the brand to match its new positioning. We Have to get the right spokes person and create an ad campaign "New you, New Us" that helps promote the transformation of Nike. Get the owner of Nike to do a press release on national television being broadcasted on all major news outlets. Social media will be our best friend because that's the best way to reach the people now a days, Creating sales that make people come into the store and not just purchase what's one sale but gives them the opportunity to see what Nike is selling now. When more and more people start to wear the clothing it's like free promotion because they will always be people asking " where did you get that?" or "what are you wearing?". Running a bunch of commercials the showcase that change is coming for Nike and that Nike has changed and what Nike stands for and sells now. Have a major tv broadcaster come and do a in store interview with the owner asking about the change television for Nike and showing the new products and services that Nike has to offer.

Ad Campaign

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Nike's New Promotion Artifacts


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