Conflict Over the South China Sea!

Is all this conflict worth it?

Who is involved?

This dispute involves various different countries including China involved but so is Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Tai Wan, Brunei and even Indonesia, all of these counties are part of the territorial dispute between the islands, reefs and banks of the South China Sea.
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When and Where is the Conflict Happening?

This dispute is located in the South China Sea involving islands, reefs and banks including Spratly and Paracel Islands and various boundaries, including those in the Gulf of Tonkin. It started as long as the beginning of the 19th century until the current day, it all started when Vietnam began to complain that the South China Sea belonged to them them China joined in the argument and so on so on.
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How was this Conflict Related to Natural Resources?

It relates to the rights to fishing areas, the expiration and potential exploitation of oil and gas under the water in the South Water Sea, and the strategic control of shipping lanes. These natural resources are very valuable, so that is what the various countries want.


The South China Sea is the most used part ocean that ships travel on to import cargo. China has taken the most of the ocean, then the Philippines has the second most and so on. They are very careful where they travel so they don't start an argument or even war.