Vote for Texas Annexation

By Thomas Sinclair

Why its good for us (Texans)

We needed more money for better mail service, army, us visiting family more often, and not risking our countries becoming enemies one day. Mail service would make us feel closer to our family and we could finally live in the same country as all my cousins again. An army would better protect us from Santa Anna and his men. We wouldn't want to become enemies with America because we still wouldn't have an army.

Why its good for America

The annexation would be good for America because us Texans were hard workers, families could visit more often,and not risking being enemies one day. We Texans work very hard in many jobs like fighting enemies, chopping down trees, and mining.Families could visit more often if they lived in the same country again. Being enemies with Texans would be bad for America because like I said we Texans are very very hard workers.
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