christmas party at my house

this is about before i moved last year at our old house our big christmas party was fun loud and cool.

On christmas eve we had a big party with friends and family it was fun we played games and then we ate food and had a good time because most of my family was there we played games and sung songs we all were.Laughing we were giving presents to each other after that we went to our brothers house and slept over and then we went back home on christmas day.And open more presents my family and i were happy with what we got because it was cool and fun to play with are. Gifts and when we were done me and my brothers and sisters went out side and had a snowball fight.After that we went in side and had hot coco it was fun and i had a good time.THE END!!


why you should have a christmas party

you should have a christmas party because it is fun and i live in a suburban community it is fun to live in because they might like it to.