Expecting Mothers!

Healthy Pregnancy

Vitamins and Minerals: Prevent birth defects!

Vitamins: Minerals:

Folic Acid (Vegetables),

Vitamin C (Oranges,

Strawberries, and lemons)


Iron, during the second and third trimester

you have to keep up your iron.

Foods to avoid: Why ?

Seafood: High mercury content

Raw or under-cooked meat: infection or poisoning

Deli meat: risk of listeria

Power foods: Help you and the baby thrive!

Broccoli, Cheese

Breakfast Cereal, Eggs

Bananas, Oat meal

Lean meat, Dried Fruit

Appropriate weight gain:

2-4 pounds within the first

3 months, and 1 pound a week

during the rest of your pregnancy

Total weight: 25-35 pounds

5 tips to eating healthy:

1. Eat many fruits

2. Consume four to six meals a day

3. Have healthy snacks

4. 6-8 glasses of water or juice a day

5. Limit caffeine consumption