by Cole Thompson


  • democracy - All males had equal rights and could serve in the institutions that governed them.
  • males who finished military training had the right to vote.
  • women had limited rights, they had restricted movement in public.
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important places


  • Schooling - boys, until age 14 were home schooled, girls, taught by mother.
  • Food - fond for great taste in food and wine
  • Religion - worship every Greek god\desses
  • Daily life - when people have a child born they pin the front door with an item or if the family didn't want their child they were thrown on the street


  • The battle of Salamis - the Greeks had won the battle all cause they got a good night's sleep. And the Persians lost cause they didn't sleep.
  • The battle started when Athenians fled to Salamis after the battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.C.
  • Battled in the Strait of Salamis.
  • the Greek ships were faster,thinner,easier to steer.

interesting facts

  • The Athena parthenos was built by Phidias
  • It was made to symbol Athena as the goddess of the Athens
  • Athens motto, A sound mind in a sound body
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