Drum Lessons

About me

My name is Tanner Johnson. I am 15 and have lived in Park city for basically my whole life. I've wanted to play drums ever since I was young. I got a drum kit at 8 years old have been taking lessons since. I am pretty experienced with drumming since I've done it for so long. When I was 14 I attended the Stanford University jazz camp. At this camp all the best jazz players from around the world gather and teach you new techniques and such about drumming. It was an amazing experience and I gained a lot from it. I can play and teach any style of drums. I hope you will consider me as a drum teacher and thank you.


- 15 dollars for 30 minutes

- 30 dollars for 1 hour

- 30 dollars to set up drum kit

Contact me

If you have a drum kit I can come to your house. You can also come to my house, at 2213 Samuel Colt Court, for lessons where I do have a drum kit and sticks. My phone number is 435-640-3491.
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