Between You and Me

From The Office of Your School Social Worker

Average Daily Attendance (ADA) Goal

This school year, we started the year with the highest ADA we've had in over 4 school years!! While we are proud of that 94%, we would like to set our sights on a higher goal. Our goal is to ensure that students are attending school at least 96% of the time which includes being out of school for medical reasons and discipline issues which means that students should be in school every day, on time. When students are present in school, they have a better likelihood of making better grades and becoming successful adults.

ParentPortal has been designed to improve home/school communication and to allow parents to take a more informed view of their children's progress at school. After you have logged in you will be able to access your children's attendance, behavior, and grades from within the Parent Portal. Parents can also send teachers an e-mail directly from ParentPortal to ensure that they stay as informed as possible. See me in the attendance office or someone in Guidance to gain access to your child's information.

Parents can also stay as connected as possible by attending parent meetings, open houses, curriculum nights, and parent/teacher conference nights to create and maintain a relationship with their child's teachers, administrator, other school staff, and their child's friends.

Who is your School Social Worker?

Sharlee R. Dixon, Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW), is a School Social Worker with Richland County School District One and has served C. A. Johnson High School since February 2011. During her time as a School Social Worker, she has discovered that social workers in the school setting fill a void not being addressed by other professionals on campus and assist in creating a connection between home and school. School Social Workers also help children and families alleviate barriers caused by life and/or social issues that impede educational progress. Mrs. Dixon has a passion for working closely with children and their families in order to create better outcomes for children, their families, and the community as a whole.