Made by Samuel Stewart

The amazing new animal is discovered!!!! THE SALTWATERHEADEDO


Its fiercing claws are used to Grab hold of trees to take a massive leep to its pray, also to be used for sleeping like a bat. Uses its huge sharp teeth to ripe the skin off its pray. Uses its wings to glid down at a huge speed of 100 km per hour. Uses its feet to run at a massive speed of 83 km per hour. This animal is mostly found in Australia in Queensland.

Why is it so dangrous?

The SALTWATERHEADEDO is very dangrous it can fly around 100 km per hour, while it's flying past you it can tear your skin off. It can glid down and shoot a poisonous drop of venom out of its mouth to set its pray to sleep then it will eat as much of you as it can before you wake up.

This animal is found in Australia, in the red marked area.