Harrison Street Preschool

Week 37~ 5/19/17


Wow, it is hard to believe we just finished our last full week of preschool and only have 2 days left of the year! This week we had a blast continuing our countdown! Although they didn't turn out quite right (sorry about that!), we had fun making our tie-dye shirts and wearing them together for Field Day. We had so much fun with our very, very messy painting party and everyone will get a piece of the sheet we painted to take home next week! We enjoyed our trip to the Sunbury Square, including a special treat from Yum-Ee Donuts. Finally to top off the week, we had fun with Field Day with bounce houses and silly games.

Next week will be our final 2 days of our countdown to the end of the year!

~Here's what's going on in our classroom next week...~

May theme
  • "ABC Countdown"- only 2 days left! We have Discovery Day Monday and we're going to add a water day Tuesday to clean some of our classroom items :)


  • We decided to add some water fun on Tuesday- Pack extra clothes just in case we get a little wet while cleaning!

Party Cart Character Crew Winner for May

AM- Congrats Brooklynn!

Party cart character crew winner for may

PM- Congrats Hunter!
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Look for more fun pics from the week!