Sled Dogs disappears into the wild

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New life

Buck had been living his life in Santa Clara Valley, when he had been captured and brought to the northern areas. Buck became a strong working sled dog. He fought for dominance against another territorial dog, named Spitz. Buck fought to the top, and became lead sled dog. Buck was moved between sled owners with his team, he never truly felt an compelling connection with any of them

True companion

Then one truly stuck. John Thornton. Buck loved him entirely and would do anything for him. John was the only thing tying Buck to society. Buck saved John's life on multiple occasions, including river rapids and bar hooligans. Buck would do whatever John commanded, they had a genuine relationship.

John Thornton was the only thing tying Buck to society

Buck enjoyed many years with John, until John Thornton was killed. The natives of the area attacked while Buck was hunting. When Buck returned, he became completely savage, he murdered the one’s who took John’s life. Buck attacked them as if there were five of him. The Native Americans that killed John didn't even have time to pray or yell for help. They were lying dead in seconds.
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Free at last

All the ties that help Buck to society had been cut. Humans no longer mattered to him. Buck felt the wild course through him and he bolted into the woods. He joined his uncivilized brethren, wolves. Buck left behind the burdens of mankind for freedom and exhilaration of the wild.