Benton Weekly Update

Week 14: November 16-20, 2020

One week to go before Thanksgiving Break!

This is also Geography Awareness Week and we continue to celebrate Native American Heritage Month by sharing facts daily with students and highlighting Native American artists here in this newsletter. But most importantly, be sure to scroll down through this newsletter for some amazing examples of student work!

Last Friday, parents likely received an email from Principal Webster with an update on student grades and whether their class percentages improved or declined from the first quarter. If you're struggling to help your student, remember that tutoring is available, we can connect you with your child's Schoology account, and set you up on the Parent Portal. In addition, there's Coffee with the Principal on Tuesday to answer any questions you may have - or just chat - and Tuesday evening the school counselors and district wellness team are hosting a seminar for parents on Coping With Teenagers During COVID. Details and links are posted below!


  • The PTSA will continue to collect clothing all year, donations can be placed in the green and white USAgain bin located near the big sliding gate in the school parking lot.
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Ma-Pe-Wi ~ Artist

This week's artist of Native American Heritage is Ma-Pe-Wi. HIs name may be unfamiliar, but the work of Ma-Pe-Wi is seen nearly every single day by many Americans around the country. Originally from the Zia Pueblo Tribe of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Ma-Pe-Wi Velina Shije Herrera received no formal art training, yet was able to become one of the most prolific painters of the 20th century. His abstract designs often capture depictions of everyday Pueblo life and ceremonial dances. Ma-Pe-Wi is also well-known for his use of leachina, which is a spirit of things in the real world deeply-rooted in Pueblo culture. Though initially criticized by his own tribe, Wi gave permission to the state of New Mexico to use his re-creation of the Zia sun, which now adorns the state flag.

What's up this week?

Coffee with the Principal!

Tuesday, 8:00am-8:30am.

Chat with the Principal, Mr. Webster, via zoom at this link.

Parent Seminar: Coping with Teenagers During COVID-19

Tuesday, November 17th 6pm

Register for the seminar at this link.

Wednesday this week is Period 5B 9am-10am.

Log into your period 5B Zoom 9-10, then work on other assignments, projects, homework, reading from 10am-3pm.
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Link to join Webinars for Geography Awareness Week

Canned Food Drive ends this week!

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The Counselors' Corner

Benton is fortunate to have both a School Guidance Counselor, Dr. Sweney-Black, and an Intervention Counselor, Mr. Arenzana. All students have joined their Counseling Group in Schoology and you can see the many resources available to students by clicking on the links in Dr. Sweney-Black's Virtual Office.

Spotlight on Learning: Media Arts

Do you know what Value means? Value is the lightness and darkness of color. Value is created when a light source shine upon an object, creating highlights from shadows and cast shadows. Media Arts students created a value scale with a selected color in Adobe Sketch. They then used this value scale to create Atmospheric Perspective in their Value Landscape Designs. Check out some of these amazing designs!

MA Value Landscape 2020

Spotlight on Learning: 6th Grade Language Arts

Students in Language Arts create One-Pagers to report on books they've read. Here is Jackson Gunritz's One Pager. He drew the castle himself on Google draw incorporating what he learned in Media Arts to his Language Arts class. Teacher Jessica Murray reports, "It's one of the best One Pagers I've ever had!!"

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Join the Benton Dance Club!

Dance Instructor Miss Toni will be offering dance instruction Monday-Thursday from 2:30 to 3:30 via zoom. We know many students' regular activities have been cancelled in this time of COVID-19 and the school wanted to offer some additional recreation to students in the afternoon. All students are welcome to join and it is completely free for the students. If you are interested in joining the Benton Dance Club, please use this link.

Distance Learning Support

Family Support Portal

These links might be helpful.

They can be found under the new tab on our website,

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