Gabe Cummings


I go to clear creek intermediate and am in the 8th grade

About myslef

Im 14 years old and dont like school because i sont like to learn but i do like it because i get to se my friends. I have a little brother whos 11 and thats my only sibling. My least favorite subject is social studys and my favorite is ela because its the easyest and i have sone of my friends in that class.

Things i like

What i do on the weekends

On the weekdns my favorite things to do are go on boat rides, go shooting, honag out with friends, or be with my whole family. Every other weekend im with my dad so on the weekends im with him i like to spend time with im so i dont really do anything but hang out with him and my brither.

Places ive been

Ive been to some pretty cool places. One of my favorites is Hawahi. Weve been to Hawaihi 2 times and were going again this thanksgiving. Im looking fawerd to going back! We have also been to cabo twice which is a really nice place in Mexico. Weve been to some other places like flordia, Mississippi, universal studios, and didney and many other places that will take to long to list.