Onekawa School Newsletter

Week 3 Term 2, Friday 20 May


Kia ora Families

Today we celebrated Pink Shirt Day. Our classes came together this afternoon to play with each other in their buddy classes (tuakana/teina - older children/younger children).

The staff set out lots of play equipment for the children, and their buddies, to play with.

It was lovely seeing our children spending time with one another and enjoying each other's company.

Check out some of the action shots below!

Nga mihi,


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raffle tickets

Please return raffle books to the office as soon as they have been sold.

If you are unable to sell any, please return them also. This will give an opportunity for others to sell them.

A message from our school councillors

Hi Onekawa School, it's the School Council. Yesterday, we had our first meeting. We talked about questions that the councillors in your class will ask you at a scheduled time . Any answers are useful and will be talked about in our next meeting. If you see anyone with either a School Leader’s badge or a School Councillor badge, you are welcome to give us any suggestions. Don’t be sad if your suggestion doesn’t happen because many other suggestions won’t be used. We listen and take in all suggestions and ideas, so don’t be shy to talk to us. We are really grateful to be able to do this for our school community. Thank you so much!

Yours Sincerely,

Jetson and Sophie

On behalf of School Council

Keeping Ourselves Safe - Schoolwide Personal Safety Programme

Another reminder that all classrooms at Onekawa School are participating in the personal safety programme Keeping Ourselves Safe.

Keeping Ourselves Safe has been designed to give students the skills to cope in situations where children's safety is at risk. It has three overall aims:

● to develop and strengthen children’s skills to keep themselves safe with other people;

● to support and encourage children to get help from caring adults;

● to make teachers and parents/caregivers more aware of the need to keep children safe from harm by adults or other children.

Keeping Ourselves Safe will be taught by your child’s teacher, with support from the local Police School Community Officer as required.

It is important that you participate as much as possible and talk to your child about what they have been learning. This will help reinforce the messages the school is giving, and help your child to use their new skills with confidence.

Please contact the school if you would like any more information about the programme OR if you think that there is something we need to know.


Classroom Teachers

Congratulations to this week's class certificate winners!

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Important Dates

Monday 30 May Team Pipi Meeting (via Zoom) 8pm

Friday 3 June
Teacher Only Day - school is closed

Friday 8 July Term Two Ends