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The 28th Of August 2013 Jamie Hayes

The Truth On Ned Kelly

Yesterday on the 11th of November 1880 Edward "Ned" Kelly was hung at 9:30am he was only 25...

Ned Kelly was accused of killing a police officer during a shooting, During the time of the alleged shooting Ned Kelly was 300kms away from the destination; on April the 15th 1878 constable Fitzpatrick was shot in the wrist by Ellen Quinn for sexually harassing her daughter Kate Kelly after the officer was shot Ellen (Ned's mother) took Fitzpatrick inside cleaned him up an gave in some food and sent him on his way.. "

When Fitzpatrick got back to the police station he reported that he was shot two times by Ned Kelly once in the leg once in the hand not knowing the Ned was 300Kms away.

He wrote a note to the Government demanding the release of Ellen Quinn (Ned's mother) In this letter Ned had written about his; where about on the day, who he was with, when he had left, an what he had done whilst he was there..

Word for word Kelly had written everything...

In 1880, In the small town Glenrowan the “ Kelly Gang” held hostel 60 prisoners in a small Hotel soon after he had planned to derail a train carrying all police officers that we travelling to arrest him. A short time after a shooting had broken out with three police officers getting killed at the site an 8 injured..

Ned was shot in the leg/thigh and police immediately arrested him for his crimes..

This had been the worse Ned had done. Ned was taken back to Old Melbourne Gaol and was held there untill the judge had made is decision

A short time after the judge had decide that there was going to be an excision of Ned Kelly due to the alleged shotting of a constable Fitzpatrick and the major shoot out that had had started killing officers,

Hours later Edward “ned” Kelly was killed.