President Andrew Jackson

Hero or Zero? No questions asked he is a hero!

The American Presidents- Andrew Jackson.flv

Political Cartoon

This cartoon demonstrates that Jackson destroyed the national bank. Which he greatly hated. Also in the picture you see a devil to show that the place was evil.


Andrew Jackson was a war veteran that became very popular after the battle in Louisianan in 1812. Even though the battle was after the treaties it made him a hero. Whats better than electing a hero? We elected Gorge Washington and he was the general of the army.

The Common Man

After the election of 1824 were Jackson had the more votes, but didn't have more than 50% so the supreme court chose the president. Many states were up set about the man the supreme court, so when the next election came the states gave more people the right to vote (suffrage). All white males were aloud to vote whether they are rich or poor, which help Jackson destroy in the next election.

Jackson destroys the national bank

President Andrew Jackson believed that the national bank was not needed. He believed this because it would only help the rich stay rich and not help the poor at all. This caused a multitude number of local/state banks to pop up in the country.