Canadian Teen Culture

What It Means To Me

What Is Culture?

Culture is what makes a certain group of people or a person unique. It consists of 4 different components: The core values, language, artifacts, and customs and traditons.


You may think that artifacts are just something old from a certain religion or area, but they actually aren't. An artifact is just something that has personal value to you. For me, an artifact would be my baby blanket. My baby blanket is an artifact to me because it is very important. I can't sleep without it and it's been in my family for about 20 years now. It also helps sooth me when I am upset.


Language is a means of communication. Different people communicate in different ways but I prefer to communicate through either text, social media, or face to face talking. When I text or use social media I sometimes use slang such as brb (be right back), lol (laugh out loud), or gtg (got to go). I like talk to sometime to their face because I feel closer to them, and I just like to see someone`s face when I talk to them or tell them someone. I also like texting and social media because sometimes I just want to lye down and not not see anyone.

Customs and Traditions

Customs and traditons are two different things. Traditions are reguarly occuring events of celebration of personal significance whereas a custom is a group celebration such as Christmas or Hanukkah. A custom that my family celebrates is Christmas, but the fact that we always get to open one present on Christmas Eve and it's always pajamas is a tradition.

Core Values

Core values are the recognition of what is important or significant. There are two different types of core values: secular values and religious values. People who have secular values are not very religious or even atheist. They think that religion should be a home thing and not involve school or the government. People with religious values mostly go to church regularly and believe strongly in God. I personally have secular beliefs because I am an atheist and do not believe in a higher power.