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What is Hemophilia ?

Hemophilia is also referred to as "Factor VIII deficiency " is when your blood doesn't clot because it lacks the blood clot protein. If you have hemophilia and you start to bleed internally the blood will most likely keep bleeding inside till in reaches and damages your organ and tissues which makes it life threatening.

Blood Clot

The top part of the picture is someone with Hemophilia and the bottom part is of someone one without. without Hemophilia the body is making protein to build up and stop the blood from pouring and bleeding out. For someone with Hemophilia the body has no blood clotting protein to stop the blood from bleeding out.

Genetic Information

The father is Hemophilia free, the mother is a carrier. Please take note that a carrier does not mean you have hemophilia, it means it is in your genetic code to give to your offspring if unlucky. The ' r ' represents the carried genotype, and all carried is recessive. Every other letter is what you hope for. How you get lucky, is if when your genotype (which is chosen at random) and one geno is enough to over power your recessive carried. OR two dominates etc. What makes you unlucky, is if you get recessive carried, or just recessive.

Treatments and diagnosis

If you receive any signs that make you think that you may have Hemophilia. Go to a doctor and they will most likely ask for your personal family history, to see it had passed down to you. Then they will see how long it takes for your blood to clot, weather your blood as any low clotting factors or if there are any clotting factors missing from your blood.

The main treatment for hemophilia is called replacement therapy, which is when it concentrates of the clotting factor hemophilia B and hemophilia A. It is dripped or injected into the vein this infusion will help replace the clotting factors that are missing or low.

Most people are tested at a young age. 36 months if mild hemophilia 8 months if moderate.


Hemophilia affects 1 in 5,000 male births. about 400 babies are born with hemophilia each year. the currents estimate for the US of people with hemophilia is 20,000, based on expected births and deaths from 1994.
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