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TIME fibre

Why Go forTIME Fibre Internet Packages

High speed fibre optic internet connection is used to be expansive when it started launched to the market. And yet the speed isn’t as high as what you are getting in our neighbor country. But with more and more internet service providers launching more TIME broadband packages, there are more affordable high speed fibre optic packages available now.

One of the best fibre internet packages is provided by TIME dot com. This fibreinternet package is available at a very affordable rate for consumers.

TIME Fibre Coverage is now offering Malaysian fibre internet user from speed of 8Mbps to as high as 100Mbps. For internet speed of up to 50Mbps, users can enjoy unlimited download or upload for data online. The internet packages are varied in term of internet speed from 8Mbps, 15Mbps, 30Mbps to 50Mbps. These packages are also available for a free 30 hours of free boosting up to 50Mbps every month.

For user who wanted to have high speed internet connection, such as a 100Mbps speed, one can go for this package and only pay for RM179 per month. There is a limitation for the download and upload data transfer of up to 100Gb per month. If you want to enjoy great speed and do not required to upload or download a lot of data, you can go for this plan to enjoy the great internet speed. This speed means you can easily download any movie within minutes as compared to previously that might take up to hours. For users that need to download or upload a lot of data every month, it is wiser to go for the unlimited fibre internet packages so that you do not have to worry about having to pay extra for the data.

Check out the package in detail from TIME fibresite and decide which plan is more suitable for you.