She Taught Me More Then Just School


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Ms. Sage

My personal hero is my third grade teacher Ms. Sage. At the beginning of third grade, I was nervous about how this year would turn out. I was in a new classroom with a new teacher and I would be learning harder material. Over the course of the year, I began to grow used to third grade. I liked my teacher and I was growing comfortable with the material. About halfway through the year I became interested in writing poems. We had just finished a unit on poetry and I was so excited. During the unit, I showed Ms. Sage one of my poems and she told me that I needed to keep writing. I was unsure, what if I wasn't any good? But she convinced me to keep trying-no matter how much I wanted to give up. There were times when I didn't want to write but Ms. Sage would tell me that I would never get better at writing if I didn't keep practicing. So I did. And now, I love writing, and its much easier because I practiced so much in third grade. But Ms. Sage isn't just my hero because she kept me interested in writing. Ms. Sage also taught me that if I want to try something new, I need to try it and keep practicing until I know for sure weather I like it or not. She taught me that I will never know weather I'm any good at something until I try and that it is fun to learn new things.


Simple Teachings

Math, History, Writing...daily subjects

Encouragement, Perseverance, Try again, Never give up

Simple teachings but meaningful teachings.

Try Again

Looking forward to school today

Writing poems and stories my teacher helping

Never give up, try again

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What makes a hero?

The online Webster dictionary defines a hero as a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities. But is that all a hero is? When we think of heroes, the usual image associated with the word is a strong man or woman flying through the air, tossing over cars, and saving the world in a matter of minutes. Then again, in the great scheme of things, does being a hero mean you are strong, brave, and good looking? Do you need to have the ability to fly or toss cars around with the flick of a wrist? I think that to be a hero, you need to leave a lasting impression on someone for something you did for them or helped them with. A hero is a person who makes you laugh when you are crying, who makes you feel strong when you think you are weak. A hero doesn't have to look good, be strong, or even brave. A hero just needs to be kind, patient, and willing to help someone else whatever the consequences. In my opinion, a hero is someone who is willing to help someone who is struggling and who knows how to be patient with others.

A hero is a teacher who is willing to reach out and help a struggling student. Imagine how this student would feel coming to school every day. Not understanding the material, dreading being called on in class, and not sure how to ask for help. Consider how the teacher would take action. It would take courage from both people in order for this to work. The teacher needs to be gentle and understanding and the student needs to be confident and patient. These two need to learn how to trust each other and get used to working together. The student needs to learn how to participate in class more and the teacher needs to be patient and kind. If they both work hard to get where they want, they can achieve greatness because of their courage and confidence in working together and getting the job done. This would make the teacher a hero for the student because they had just helped this student figure out how to ask for help while becoming comfortable with the material.

A hero is two friends remembering to be patient with each other. For example, let's say one friend is talking with another friend. The first friend is getting frustrated by how much the second friend is talking. She can barely get a word in, and when she does, her first friend disregards it. Furiously, the first friend tries to say something, but her friend just raises her voice. Throwing her hands up in frustration, the first friend crosses her arms and scowls, waiting for her friend to finish. Still waiting, the first friend really wants to say something, but reminds herself that her friend is very excited about something and that if she waits, her friend will pause long enough to listen to what she has to say. If these two friends can remember to always be understanding and patient, their friendship will strengthen in many ways because they will be able to avoid major disagreements and they will be able to smile their differences away just because they were patient with each other. Had this friend blurted out how annoyed she was at her friend for talking for so long, her friend may have become hurt by her angry words or frustrated that her friend couldn't understand how excited she was. By being patient, this friend may have saved their friendship.

There are so many different reasons to look up to someone, and a hero isn't just defined by their traits. They are defined by what they mean to someone and what they have done for another person. A hero could be someone who smiled at a person feeling lonely. A hero may have helped a friend through a tough spot, or they may have helped someone who was struggling with something. I feel that a hero is someone who reaches out for others and doesn't focus on just themselves. Being patient means that this person knows how to listen to others and wait their turn. They aren't constantly pushing themselves to the front of the crowd. A hero is someone who is patient and someone willing to help others who are struggling. I feel that these people are heroes because they work hard to help others and get those people where they want to go.

A hero I cannot touch

The wooden bench was hard and cold, the table stained with coffee spills and covered with crumbs. The laptop resting on the table shook as long fingernails rapidly flew across the keyboard. Eyes darting to the clock, J.K Rowling was assured that she still had a few minutes until her baby woke from her nap. J.K Rowling couldn't believe that a sequel to her first Harry Potter book was wanted so strongly. She was shocked that her first book had taken her so far. Her popularity and fame was boosting, but J.K Rowling had plans for her fame. Not all of her profits would remain hers. Most of it would end up going to charities to help children and families in need. The alarm on her watch beeped, and with a sigh, J.K Rowling picked up her laptop and left the little coffee shop to go get her baby who was currently waking up from her nap.
JK Rowling's fame came as a surprise. She became famous nearly overnight. She received lots of praise over the course of her career, and still does. Rowling could have used all of this fame to her own advantage. But instead, she went out of her way to help others. She donated most of the money she earned to charities. Some charities that she had created herself. J.K Rowling fits the definition of an exceptional hero because of the patience she demonstrated over the course of her life and because of how she reached out to help others.

J.K. Rowling is an example of a true hero because of the patience she demonstrated during the course of her life. She was not expecting so much fame- she just wanted to write a book that people would enjoy. J.K. Rowling spent most of her life waiting for the right time to write a book. She loved writing and as a child she would make short and engaging stories. As she grew older, she still longed for a chance to write a book, but she knew that she would have to be patient. Now a mother, J.K. Rowling needed to be able to support herself and her child. Because of this, she would need a job. She soon found a job as a french teacher, but her desire to write a book was still strong: "She set herself a goal: to finish her novel before her teaching job began.” (Authors and artists for young adults). This was not an easy task to complete because of her toddler who needed constant attention. Almost always that is. Rowling soon discovered that she could write her book during her daughter’s nap times. With only a short time left to have her book finished, Rowling completed her book during her daughter’s nap times in small cafes and coffee shops. Rowling could have become irritated with the little time she had to write. However, she not only kept her frustration at a minimum, but she embraced the little time she had. She knew that she had other things to focus on, not just the one thing she truly wanted to do. And with that in mind, she took her time in fulfilling her dream instead of rushing it.

J.K. Rowling is a lot like my personal hero; my third grade teacher. After J.K. Rowling wrote her Harry Potter series, she donated most of her profits to charities. In fact, she was removed from the billionaires list because she had given 160 million dollars to charities, one that she had founded herself. J.K. Rowling could have kept all of her money for herself and her child, but instead she gave most of it to charities. This proves she is an exceptional hero because Rowling was willing to help others who were struggling instead of just focusing on herself. Similarly, my third grade teacher is an exceptional hero because of her willingness to reach out and help students who are struggling. My third grade teacher looks out for students who feel like they don't fit in, or students who don't understand the material but are scared to ask for help. While my teacher could have just focused on the students who don't need help and expect them to ask for it, she looks out for all of her students. This makes my third grade teacher an exceptional hero because she reaches out to help others even though she could have just waited for them to ask for help on their own. Both J.K Rowling and my third grade teacher are exceptional heroes because they are willing to help others who are struggling.

If I were given the chance to meet J.K Rowling, I would tell her how much I admire her work as well as thank her for all of the things she has done. I would thank her for taking the time to write her Harry Potter series even when things were tough. I would also thank her for thinking of others instead of just focusing on herself. In return, I feel that J.K Rowling would tell me that if I remember to be patient and to not rush things, life will always find a way to work itself out. If you rush things in life, you won’t have time to enjoy the world around you and learn new things from it. Lastly, I also feel that J.K Rowling and my personal hero have many similarities. They both care about others and they both understand the importance of patience. On the other hand, they both fulfilled my definition of a hero in different ways. While J.K rowling learned to be patient with life and moving on, my personal hero learned and understands how to be patient with others. They still understand and demonstrate patience, but they do so in different ways. Along with patience, J.K Rowling knows how to help others as a whole. She focuses on everyone at once while my third grade teacher narrows in on certain people. She focuses on specific people who need help. Either way, they are both great people and they both fit my definition of a hero.


Since Ms. Sage taught me how to never give up and that if I ever want to try something new I should go for it, I decided to try acting. I adore acting, and so for this next project I decided to learn more about the history of acting. This relates to my personal hero Ms. Sage because she taught me to never be afraid of trying something new.