Digital Citizen Project

Eddy S Period 4

Rule Number #1 Digital Etiquette

Think before you post, is it kind or mean? Think of these meanings! Is it True, Helpful, Inspirational, Necessary or Kind?

What is Digital Etiquette

Digital Etiquette is basically about communicating to each other clearly and its not about being nice on the internet. It can prevent flame wars which is people fighting on the internet. If you don't want to get treated badly on the internet, treat people as you want to be treated.

Rule #2 Information Privacy

Internet is kinda full of scammers or hackers, so watch out for ads and other websites that wants your private information!

What is Information Privacy

The internet is a fun place but sometimes not fun of all, creeps and stalkers can access your information if you ever download something from a ad or something else that not official. Ads or other websites that offer downloads are often run by scammers or hackers trying to make you download a virus or put your private information in. To avoid this, go to their terms and policy's and it would sometimes say their information, if they do not have this it is illegal. It will sometimes be lies in the terms and policy's.

Rule #3 Social Networking

Social Networking is connecting to friends and sometimes strangers if you wanna take the risk of being harmed.

What is Social networking

Social Networking is social medias like Facebook or my-space, but sometimes there is danger. People can view your profile on Facebook or other social networks, but you can change, how people view at your profile, which is safer. Stalkers or people who wants to hurt you, usually are impostors for an example, this is a old man wanting to hurt people and hes disguised as prettygirl45 or something like that. To be safe from this, is to do is deny strangers friend request or chat request. This is how you stay safe on social networking

Rule #4 Online Safety

Be safe on social media or social networks. To be safe, you can avoid people who are willing to harm you.

What is online safety

Online safety is protecting yourself online like in real life when teachers or mentors teach you rules and safety procedures. Its important to follow these producers even online. If someone trying to steal you online for an example a scammer is a robber or a burglar that is trying to steal your password or private information. Keep your identity secret, try to stay anonymous, don't let out your private information, your phone number, your credit card, and your name. Try to find a username that doesn't give a clue to your name, birth, or place.

Rule #5 CyberBullying

If there is Bullies in real life, there are also bullies in social media as well.

What is cyberbullying

Cyber-bullying is bullying in the digital world, cyber bullies cannot physically hurt you but they can verbally hurt you. Cyber Bullies mostly think that there safe just because there behind a computer screen but there not. They can be tracked out by phone services or others and they can track down to where you live or when where you born or even can identify you. THINK BEFORE YOU POST. You can actually report this person or block them on your phone if there doing this on phone but on other websites online, you can actually block them so, you can never talk to that mean guy that teased you or bullied you. Cyber Bullies mostly go through depression or stress and verbally hurt before so they can feel better about them selves.

Rule #6 plagiarism

Stealing others people work without giving them credit is wrong!

What is Plagiarism

Plagiarism is illegal to do, to do this kind of act or did on purpose, you need to copy and paste online websites or books that has been published public by authors or owners of it. I don't recommend doing this because its illegal and you can get in jail for doing this kind of act. If you want to use somebody work that has been publish is put quotation marks around the work that the owner or author did. In high school if you use somebody's work without any credit given to them, the teachers or other adults can give you harsher consequences such as fail the class or even other harsh consequences.

Rule #7 Copyright

Stealing others peoples music or videos or movie is wrong and illegal

What is copyright

Copyrights are legal protection that they made or invented for an example nobody can just take the original Mona Lisa and take it and call it, it was his or hers. If a person take a music track, movie, name, or video, illegally. This is called infringement and if you get infringed, you can get sued and money can get taken away from the person that took the movie or video illegally.