Louis Riel Was A Hero

8B Assignment by Seena Zergani

A Little About Louis Riel

Louis David Riel was born on October 22nd 1844 and was later hung and killed on November 16th 1885. He was the founder of the province of Manitoba, a spiritual and political leader of the Métis, and he was most greatly know for being a Canadian Politician. Riel fought for the right of the Métis and was the leader of two resistance moves against the Canadian Government and the prim mister Sir John A. McDonald. Because of those two reasons Louis Riel is considered to be a Hero.

one of the first Métis advocates

When the Hudson’s Bay Company started speaking of the sale of Rupert’s Land with the Canadian government, the Métis needed a leader to fight for their land. Riel was chosen because he was a well educated and a very wise man, so he led the charge and petitioned the Canadian government to his death for the rights of the Métis.

he started a rebellion with no help

Riel’s knowledge served him well as the leader of the Métis people. Riel stated that Métis should not ignored and that the was able to say what he thought was right to the Canadian government. He did this by making demands, seizing forts, and travelling to demand negotiations with government officials. Riel also brought together the Red River residents so they canprevent Canada’s attempts to take over their land and fight for their rights

he was part of the creation of the province of Manitoba

The fact is that Manitoba likely wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Riel. Riel and other partners that made several lists of demands and presented them to the Canadian government. They stated that the Métis peoples be recognized as their own nation and that their right to the land they lived on be observed. These lists of demands eventually went on to form the basis for the Manitoba Act. The legislation passed in 1870, which,along other things, created the province that is now Manitoba

HE lived to see a change

Riel devoted his life to make sure that the Métis nation was taken seriously and seen as its own body of government apart from Canada. Although |Riel tried he couldn't win every battle; the Métis did eventually lose their land and rights. Riel spent his life fleeing, hiding, and fighting from the police. Eventually he surrendered after many years of fleeing, hiding, and fighting. Riel was charged with treason, sentenced to death, and eventually hanged in Regina on Nov. 16, 1885.

Louis Riel was a Hero

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