By: Angela H


Summer is where its in between fall and spring. The summer is made by when the sun is poniting right at the sunthats how summer is made thats why summer is one of our seasons.


Fall is right in the middle of winter and summer but closer to winter almost not faceing the sun. When fall is made because of all the plants that are losing sun light so the leaves will fall from the plants.


Its when its not faceing the sun as much as it dose in the summer thats when winter is made and it tells why winter is one of our seasons thats why we need witer as a seasons.


Spring is in between winter and summer its going to be summer soon its almost right in frount of the sun. Sometimes spring is like when the sunlight is giving all the plants helth.

If You Need to Know the Seasons... (rap song for kids about the 4 seasons)

Q: why do we have seasons?

When the earth spin's on its axis it faces the sun in a diffrent part of the earth witch makes the seasons. When the sun is almost not winter but its fall it nis not faceing the sun like in the summer and not as cold as winter its in the middle of both of them.

Q:why do we have winter

When the sun is not faceing the part of the earth that is faceing you.

Q:why do we have summer ?

Summer is when the sun is faceing right were you are and thats why we have summer and seasons and winter all together .

Q:why do we have spring?

We have spring because when we are the middle of summer and fall we have spring so when the sun is faceing not right at the part you live but a little farther to make it cold.

Q:why do we have fall

It faces the sun not as much as spring or as far as cold winter is its right in the middle of both of spring and winter combined .